I hear you ask, now to remember the Soup Dragon, you probably need to be of a certain age. The Soup Dragon and Baby Soup Dragon are characters from the BBC series The Clangers.
The Clangers are happy little people who live on a planet a long long way away. At the time they were very successful in the UK, but I don't know if they enjoyed success across the world, they should have because it was a very imaginative children's programme that appealed to adults as well.
The first show aired in November 1969, just after the first Moon Landings, and maybe they caught the mood of the time.
A lot of the shows are on You Tube and I have put a link at the bottom of this post, that hopefully will take you off to see the Soup Dragons.

The Dragon pictured is Gumbo, and he is a cousin of the Soup Dragon that features with the Clangers.
Sweet! Cute lil dude.
posted January 16th, 2015  
I remember the Clangers and like your interpretation
posted January 16th, 2015  
posted January 17th, 2015  
I am a certain age and remember them well! Great shot.
posted January 18th, 2015  
Soup Dragon? Bleh! Does it have clams in it? :-P Thank you for playing with us!
posted January 19th, 2015  
@365toygroup Haha, Thank you very much it was fun. But click on the link and meet the Dragons and Friends.
posted January 19th, 2015  
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