Finished Just In Time by meotzi

Finished Just In Time

Of course it's been in progress for 20 years. Yes, 20 years. It's a long story. And I won yarn chicken, too.
Congratulations! It looks great, but why has this taken so long when you can whip up far more complicated pieces in (seemingly) no time at all?! And what’s a yarn chicken??!!
January 29th, 2021  
I think we need to be told more!
January 29th, 2021  
Can relate. Would take me about that long, too
January 31st, 2021  
@narayani @anniesue Socks and sweaters are things I knit when I want to kill time or don't want to work on a complicated item so they hang around unfinished for long periods of time. This particular sweater got ripped out a few times either because it didn't look big enough or it was too big and finally because I ran out of yarn. When I ordered more yarn the company put it on backorder and I didn't hear from them for months. I ripped out the sweater figuring I'd use the yarn for something else. A year later I got an email asking if I wanted the yarn I had on backorder. Well, yeah. The sweater got worked on over the years and had reached the point that it only needed one more sleeve. I hate doing sleeves. At the beginning of pandemic a friend shamed me into picking up the stitches for the second sleeve. It took a year but it got done.
Yarn chicken is when you are near the end of a project and it looks like you may not have enough yarn to finish and you can't get any more. Winning yarn chicken is when you've bound off the project and haven't run out of yarn. I think I had 12 inches of yarn left.
January 31st, 2021  
OMG! Hadn't (obviously) heard of yarn chicken, but I've lost to it before - jumper with one slightly shorter sleeve!
January 31st, 2021  
Thanks for all that Caryn! 12 inches! That’s fantastic that you got it finished. Enjoy wearing it 🥳
January 31st, 2021  
What an interesting thread, or perhaps I should call it a great yarn. Wow that's incredible to have just 12" left after you completed the item. Well done!
February 3rd, 2021  
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