Architecture Alley by nanderson

Architecture Alley

For my get pushed challenge @taffy to shoot architecture or element. :)
Great shot---I've been reading this get push challenge here and there---have no clue what's all 'bout ?
October 13th, 2013  
@jodimuli Thank you Jd..let me start can sign up under Discuss..Themes and Competitions...Get-Pushed-65. You get a different partner every week :) who offers you some type of challenge. You can read about it there as well. You would be fun and great at it. It is a challenge and fun to issue a challenge to someone else too. See you there!!
October 13th, 2013  
October 13th, 2013  
@nanderson ~~sounds scary yet exciting (?)--i'll out, thnx,Nancy:)
October 13th, 2013  
@nanderson Great one Nancy! I like the structures that form the alley taking our eye right to the orange building. Very well done!
October 13th, 2013  
Oh I do like how that red building is framed, very cool achitecture shot!
October 13th, 2013  
Great shot Nancy. Alleys do provide some wonderful shots
October 13th, 2013  
This is really cool. Love the pop of red and your perspective.
October 13th, 2013  
Lovely pov and capture. Love the red building
October 13th, 2013  
October 13th, 2013  
I like this Nancy - love the leading lines taking the eye to the orange building.
Where is your space needle reflection shot? You changed your mind. :-)
October 13th, 2013  
Really cool POV and lighting!! Love that pop of red at the end of the alley! Nicely done!
October 13th, 2013  
Very nice, great use of the alley to frame the red building!
October 13th, 2013  
Alley architecture and so much was lots of fun;) great POV;)
October 13th, 2013  
Great pic I am too scared to try it and still a novice
October 14th, 2013  
Gorgeous architecture in the Pacific NW! Love the framing of the buildings. And boy does that red building POP! Great work! (I don't dare do the get pushed challenge. I'm such a wimp and know so little about some of the things you do here. I admire you for working hard to meet the challenges!)
October 14th, 2013  
Love orange building framed by the buildings in the foreground. Well spotted and nicely captured.

I am your get pushed partner for this week. I've really enjoyed looking through your albums and love the variety of styles you have mastered. This week I would like you to produce something that is very high key and b&w, you may choose any subject, whatever you think is most suitable for the style. Enjoy :)
October 14th, 2013  
nice picture!
October 14th, 2013  
@susale Thanks Susa...I was focusing on the lit Cinerama sign because it was lit...the red apartment was a bit of a surprise! haha!

@bkbinthecity The alleys here are full of history so lots of old buildings...Thanks Brian!

@mittens Thanks Marilyn...very pleased you like it! :)

@taffy Thanks was a great challenge!

@ziggy77 Thanks was fun to do too! :)

@so_lo_webb Glad you think so Lois!! TY :)

@jankoos Thanks Jan..appreciate that!

@eyesmile Thanks Gena...appreciate that!

@ch1ppy_m1nton TY Chippy...the alley worked nicely! :)

@eu4ria1 Thanks Ria...and so much more...:)

@smellychelli Thanks very well could do the challenges...I google a lot of tutorials...haha :) isn't about being the best but learning something new and I know you are all about that! :) Thanks always for your great feedback!

@pennyp Thanks you Penny!

@ericaczz Thanks Erica...glad you like it...downtown Seattle...:)
October 16th, 2013  
great composition and love the pop of color here!
October 17th, 2013  
@wind_of_the_sothern_sea Hey Arefin...very kind of you to say..thanks so much!
October 18th, 2013  
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