Pitfiring Workshop by narayani

Pitfiring Workshop

Number 2. This time at the Perth Studio Potters. Fingers crossed we get some good results 🤞🏼
Those fires look nice and cosy, looking forward to seeing the results.
August 13th, 2022  
When I next visit friend in Nedlands I'm sorting it around one of your workshop dates!!!!
August 13th, 2022  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond if you’re here sometime from April - September and bring some bisqued pots, I’ll do one with you 😄 (can’t do them at my place over the summer)
August 13th, 2022  
@ludwigsdiana it’s good fire weather
August 13th, 2022  
It's been great weather for fires. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.
August 14th, 2022  
Are you the one running the workshop? Looks so nice and sociable
August 16th, 2022  
@merrelyn its always a little stressful til you’ve seen some good results
August 17th, 2022  
@seacreature yes Desi, I ran it. It was a lovely bunch of people.
August 17th, 2022  
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