The Way by netkonnexion

The Way

I am not a religious person. However, my camera club is held in a church hall. Next door the church has this wonderful back-lighted window. I love the moody tones of this night scene.
What a gorgeous reflection. Welcome to 365, and thanks for the follow :)
March 30th, 2011  
wow that is simply awesome shot almost makes you want to believe.
March 30th, 2011  
This is totally amazing, the shadow is brilliant and the! A fav for me...welcome to 365!!
March 31st, 2011  
All, thanks very much for the complementary comments. Lovely to feel appreciated. I hope to keep you all interested...
March 31st, 2011  
Love this, it is a wonderful photo. Brilliant, well done!!
April 1st, 2011  
This is an awesome shot! What a neat thing to "happen" upon.
April 5th, 2011  
Really powerful ... but I am trying to work out the light coming through the cross in the window and it's darkness in the shadow ...
April 10th, 2011  
Mate, this is great! Excellent composition and I agree with @corymbia how is the light of the cross casting a shadow on the floor?
April 15th, 2011  
The cross is frosted glass. The frosting defuses the light making it look bright when you look directly at the cross. But that also means that less direct light hits the ground - hence it creates a shadow on the ground. Simple but clever.
April 25th, 2011  
stunning shot, love it.
April 27th, 2011  
This is awesome!
May 5th, 2011  
Simply put, this is amazing. A definite favourite.
May 7th, 2011  
definately a big fan of this one, nicely shot
May 31st, 2011  
So atmospheric! Great shot.
June 6th, 2011  
Love this shot! Great shadow and lighting! Fav!
January 25th, 2012  
Great shot, very cool shadow :)
January 25th, 2012  
I've come back for another look at this and is'nt it amazing how some days you see things from a different level! I must be feeling more spiritual today,as I find this deeply moving,and also a Fav.
January 27th, 2012  
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