Identify This No. 175 by netkonnexion

Identify This No. 175

Well folks, what's one of these?

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OK, it was a difficult one last time. But it was fun. The two items you saw were both the screw fitting sizes specified to fit cameras. The black one is a 1/4" screw. The other is a 3/8th screw. Both these fit appropriate cameras and different light fittings in the studio. The left silver fitting is platform for mounting a camera on a clamp, stand or special wall fitting. The black screw is a removable screw fitting for a Manfrotto removable tripod platform.

Clever and correct people...
Mike Gifford - Correctomundo!!!!
And, another correct answer... chris chambers - Well done!
And, Ann H. LeFevre, Howard Steele,

Commendable comments...
Alison Bailey - They are end stops for leprechauns' barbells. The one on the left is for the larger, competition size model. Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Excellent answer! Yaahy! LOL.

Mike Gifford - These are bottom plates for mounting cameras to clamps and brackets. Net says:-->> Excellent Mike. Well done. Top marks!

chris chambers - looks like a bogen tripod head mount for a superclamp on the left and a camera lockdown from a bogen tripod head on the right. Net says:-->> Right on! These are actually for Manfrotto mounts. But the Bogen ones are made by Manfrotto so, all power to you.

william wooderson - You've got me there... some kind of spinning wheel?! Net says:-->> LOL... Like that answer. A doohicky award! Yeeehaaaaaza!

Sue Wilde - Big Daddy screwy bit has put on his nightclub shineys in an attempt to court little miss screwy bit. She, however, is determined to resist his whiles and to enter the nunnery. Net says:-->> Huge, tear rendering LOL!!! Great. A doohicky award! Be careful with it only the best laughable answers get them! LOL.... Yeeeahhhhhha!

Ann H. LeFevre - I agree with the others who have said they're knobs used for tightening things or mounting things. I can't think of the technical term for them, but the one on the right looks like the kind of knob that used to tighten the legs of my old tripod to hold them at the angle and height I wanted to shoot from. However if you'd like them to be something more creative, they do sort of look like little spaceships- at least in my mind they do. (o: Net says:-->> Nearly right! And a doohicky award for the spaceships. Nice one. Yeeeehassza

Livia - Wow, my brain is not cooperating, I have no idea! A merry-go-round for steam punk fairies? Sure looks cool! 8D Net says:-->> Excellent, a good LOL. Like the steampunk thing and this one really made my wobbly bits wobble with laughter! A doohicky award! Yeeeehhhhaaaahhhaaa!

Howard Steele - Camera bottom bracket extender sdrews. Net says:-->> Nearly, definitely fit the bottom socket on cameras. So well done! Yeahasa!

karenann - Since you're showing us the WHOLE picture, it can't be something simple . . I'd guess something for camera equipment. I REALLY love your replies to our guesses. You're hilarious! Net says:-->> Why, you nearly got it... definitely a camera thing-a-ma-boblet-doodlums! LOL... Great fun! Yeayhasa!

Myrna O'Hara - No idea but I love reading the stuff on your sight. Excellent focus whatever they are. Net says:-->> Why, thank you! You are pretty good yourself! LOL!!!!

summerfield - ear plugs? hahahahahahaha! Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy! I did not see the earplugs thing coming... oooh! Thats gotta hurt! I cannot imaging sticking them in my ears. LOL. Yeeeehassa!

Jennifer Carr - weights??? Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

Vicki K - They're round things that screw onto not round things:). Net says:-->> Er... My wife keeps telling me I should have one of those, but not so far! LOL> Yehhassaaaaaaaa!

Jen Hudson - On the left a pulley wheel. On the right a clamping device. Net says:-->> Well, er... no, but not too far from the truth. This is interesting. A pulley device. Coo... er... not sure what to say.

Leslie Manna - Hey Damon, where are you???? I've been missing your marvelous and intriguing works, and your visits. :-))) Hope you are alright; look forwrd to seeing soon.... Net says:-->> I'm baaaaack!!!!

C J Riggs - lce cream cones? Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy! Er... they would be a tad over crunchy with all that metal! LOL>... nice idea tho'.

Thanks for you patience during my absence. I look forward to seeing you again soon!
Take care.

Looks like some kind of pump
April 16th, 2012  
a very very rusty old pump
April 16th, 2012  
Pump of some sort
April 16th, 2012  
I reckon it's a pump too - very rusty and obviously not used
April 16th, 2012  
I believe this is the switching gear for train tracks. At least that's what it looks like to me. It can't be a pump; there's no spigot. It's definitely rusted whatever it is!
April 16th, 2012  
FAV! I'm such a sucker for old rusty tools and machines! May I pin it, please?
April 17th, 2012  
I tend to agree with Ann about this ... that lever looks like it might be part of the gear used to switch train tracks. Very old equipment that may have used cables of some kind.
April 17th, 2012  
lol i know it's a fav for me.
April 17th, 2012  
@marlboromaam - pin it? not sure what you mean...
April 17th, 2012  
Looks remarkably like some sort of pump fittings to me!
April 17th, 2012  
I got no idea what that could be, except that there is a lever movement. Love the rusty feel and composition.
April 17th, 2012  
@netkonnexion There are 3 links under my profile to my 365 fav boards. When you get a moment, just take a look at one, click all the way through on one to see that it links back to the original 365 post. Then let me know if it's okay to pin your pic. I believe I faved 2 yesterday. =)
April 17th, 2012  
@netkonnexion Pinned and thank you!
April 17th, 2012  
I agree with Ann. When I first saw it, that is what I thought it must be - some sort of switching mechanism for a train track.
April 17th, 2012  
Its some sort of gadget that has gone rusty.
April 18th, 2012  
It's a ... it's a.... thingammybob. Damn', just can't remember what you call them. 0:-D
April 18th, 2012  
methinks it's a thingamajiggs used for train tracks in some place where oil is strictly used for some other thing except thingamajiggs used in train tracks. no? hmmm...then i think it's a nail file. :-) hehehe.
April 19th, 2012  
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