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Identify This No. 161

Get up to speed with this complicated object - what is it?

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OK everyone! I Gotted ya! You all got it wrong! Rice yes! But not one of you said it was brown rice! Hurrumph! Not only that it is Long grain organic basmati brown rice. Don't you all know anything?! LOL.

I set you another litte task too - No one got near and the answer was easy. I said... "And how many of them can you see?" NOT how many in the glass. So I counted 237 grains. Might be wrong, but closer than anyone else! LOL. Need to read the questions! Grin...

Honourable mentions...
Shanne - grains of rice - but goodness knows how many Net says:-->> Now you know! LOL

Sarah Lauren - rice in a cup? :) Net says:-->> Well a glass actually... LOL.

Jenn - Rice in a shot glass? Net says:-->> Closer! LOL.

Michelle - Rice? great focus. Net says:-->> Brown Basmati rice, Excellent. A grain of truth! LOL

Shirley Chetwynd - long grain rice..about 500 Net says:-->> Good effort, but read the question! LOL

Paula Brumbe - 1/4 of a cup of rice. I will recommend that kneeling on rice is an uncomfortable notion. Net says:-->> With my knees irreprably destroyed as they are it is an impossible notion! LOL.

Alison Bailey - Grains of uncooked long grain rice and it does look like a shot glass, like Jenn said. 365. Well, it seems appropriate. :-) Net says:-->> A Doohicky Award - you got the closest answer! Jahooo!

Paula Cook-Farkas - Saki! After all, isn't Saki "rice" wine? Excellent Answer. A Doohicky award. LOL - made me really laugh. Yahooodlums!

argie - nice ... love the concept in here ... =) Net says:-->> Feel free to join us whenever you want! Yeehaaa!

Jennifer C - a shot glass full of 500 grains of rice????? Net says:-->> Not bad... but then not good either. LOL...

mittens (Marilyn) - Definitely looks like rice to me. Either that or a bunce of little petals off of a little flower. :) Net says:-->> An interesting idea, but a Doohicky award! Yee haaa!!

Dave ®.A. - looks like rice...the long-grain kind. Net says:-->> In fact the long grain, organic basmati kind! yeeeehaaaaasaaa!

Sara - at first I thought theses where maggots lol Net says:-->> Shudder! They would all be dead! LOL.

Rick Schies - Rice it would be Net says:-->> Rice it is! Yeehaaa LOl...

Sue Wilde - Long grain rice in a wee glass. Only one glass. Net says:-->> Someone wee'd in my glass? LOL

Dione Giorgio - I agree with Sue Wilde. Net says:-->> So they did wee in my glass. Drat.... LOL.

Mike Warren - The beginnings of sake. :=) Net says:-->> Just add water and ferment! LOL

Carole Imes - It sure looks like long-grained rice in a shot glass, but that's too easy so it's gotta be something else;-) Net says:-->> Yes, it is something else... it is long grain organic basmati brown rice! LOL.

Bev - riceNet says:-->> Nice!

bruni - Too many to count...are you making a rice dish???? Net says:-->> Easy to count difficult to read the instructions properly. LOL

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and continued following. I am sorry that I have not been able to comment for the last few days. I am also unable to post or comment for the next few days either. I promise I will catch up with all your wonderful pictures as soon as I can.

Thanks for your visit and all your comments I enjoy them all. Hope to see ya soon!

My other albums today:
a folding scooter wheel by the look of it
October 21st, 2011  
Jockey wheel on a caravan or trailer.
October 21st, 2011  
a dirty rusty wheel that goes onto an implement used for towing. Sorry I missed the kind of rice, but I am no hippie eating basmati brown organic free trade long grain rice. I like good sticky japanese rice myself.
October 21st, 2011  
Mr. Roboto's rollerskate accessory. For sure!
October 21st, 2011  
I'm agreeing with Brian.....
October 21st, 2011  
Is it a train hitch
October 21st, 2011  
The blue wheel is a bumper of some sort. Hmmm....Idk. Maybe I should install one on the back of my truck. That would be handy, my depth perception is horrible.
October 21st, 2011  
Safety wheel on a trailer hitch?
October 21st, 2011  
a scooter wheel
October 21st, 2011  
It wheely is a wheel and it wheely has shock absorbers as it's a wheely fing that absorbs shocks
October 21st, 2011  
Folding scooter wheel.
October 21st, 2011  
You really counted 237 grains of rice? You really counted them? Can we have a sworn and signed affidavit please? ;-)
The shot? Oh, yes. Well, it's a blue wheel with brown mud, rust coloured springs and silvery coloured metal bits. On a ground of subtle greys, orangey-yellow and whiteish bits. Just testing ;-D
October 21st, 2011  
A jockey wheel for a caravan,this was my first thought ,but i didn't know what it was called but that is what Brian Baptie called it so blame him i i'm wrong.
October 21st, 2011  
A dirty blue wheel
October 21st, 2011  
Jockey wheel on a camper.
October 21st, 2011  
Robbie the Robot's foot as he's on his back for surgery.
October 27th, 2011  
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