River Trent Nottingham 3 by oldjosh

River Trent Nottingham 3

From top to bottom
Looking up stream from Wilford Toll Bridge the river bends left round the rugby field which is flooded, the water flows under the bridge and re-joins the river. The bank continuing from the bridge bends right round the field to the river and left past Iremongers pond protecting Wilford Village.

Looking downstream from the bridge. On the right the area around Iremongers pond is flooded. The bank on left has a wall along the top, all part of the flood deferences

No boat trips today.

Today the river is higher than yesterday A man from the environment agency informed me that it will peak at 6 am tomorrow. Unknown by many people their employees have been out day and night monitoring the situation across the country and issuing the flood warnings. We have a lot to thank them for.
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