Yes we can! by petaqui

Yes we can!

"Tonight is your night, yes, look at you...irresistible, you look awesome! She won't look any other duck, she will take care of you, just you. Yes we can!"
"Esta es tu noche, sí, mírate...irresistible, ¡estas impresionante! Ella no se va a fijar en otros patos, va a tener ojos para ti, sólo para ti. Yes we can!"

Shot as a part of the TagChallenge 96
Hah hah! Cool, and yes you can!
April 24th, 2014  
Love the perspective you took here. And nice description! :D
April 24th, 2014  
Go get 'em tiger!
April 24th, 2014  
LOL! Very cute and great fun. Love the angle here. This reminds me of "I feel pretty" from West Side Story.
April 27th, 2014  
Well, this just has to go in my favorites. Cute duck-butt POV and narrative. What were your tags?
April 29th, 2014  
@susale haha yes, he can!!
@shuttertux Thank you dude! :D
@shuttertux hahahaha tiger, that makes me laugh :P
@dulciknit Thank you Alison! Could be that part, yes!!
@mcsiegle what's wring with my tags? =(
May 4th, 2014  
No worries. Nothing wrong with your tags. You just didn't say what two you had gotten by random selection for the challenge and I was curious. Looking now at the tags you've given the photo, I'm guessing maybe it was reflection and toy. Am I right? I love the photo.
Me encanta la fotografía.
May 4th, 2014  
@mcsiegle close but not that! :P Reflection and duck... ¿Hablas castellano? :D
May 5th, 2014  
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