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I have written quite a bit on my profile over the years so I will just say that I have now embarked on year 8 and hope I can sustain my posting of a photo a day!

Here I am, starting year 7!

I've always loved language and words and now also to have a love of photography, and time to indulge it, is a revelation. My '365 page' has increasingly become a 'marriage' of photos and words, a possibility for creativity and a record of what I would like to remember and be able to revisit.

I try to live in the moment.

"You will never, in your life, ever have to deal with anything more than the next minute.....The minutes always come one at a time, inside hours that come one at a time, inside days that come one at a time - all orderly strung, like pearls on a necklace, suspended in a graceful line. You will never, ever, have to deal with more than the next 60 seconds. Do the calm, right thing that needs to be done in that minute. The work, or the breathing, or the smile. You can do that, for just one minute. And if you can do a minute, you can do the next."
Caitlin Moran, journalist

"Life is just about breath. There's no past; there's no future; there's just the eternal present. We can get lost in trying to name things. It's about relationships and conversations with people who care about you".
Julian Schnabel, artist & film-maker

August 2017, another quote to treasure, this time from Chris, my stranger no.119:

"We all need someone to care about us, a roof over our heads, something to eat, to be at peace... plus that extra something that transports us and makes life worth living."

Here are some of my photos which made the Popular Page:

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A big moment for me in 2017 when I secured publication of my dad's PoW diaries, a subject close to my heart as he himself tried in vain in the 1950s to have them published - the wrong time I guess. Available here in paperback or kindle edition: