Winter Greens by roachling

Winter Greens

Managed to get this on the door this afternoon.

I thought this year, being made redundant would grant me plenty of time to make my own natural decorations for our first christmas in this house, but I've ended up working and working and working and not having a lot of free time at all so I bought this one!

Being so busy is getting me down so, but I'm booked up for another couple of weeks so I have to endure it a little longer. Beyond that, I'm going to start saying no to the place as I think they've forgotten I don't really work there! I feel in desperate need of restoring some order and balance to my life!

Once again, uploading and running as it's already 10pm and I have another 5:30am start tomorrow.
lovely, love your door and the grain in the wood too!
take care, hope you soon find some order and balance, 'chaos' can be unsettling.
December 21st, 2018  
That's really lovely especially on that beautiful door
December 22nd, 2018  
Love your door too. Sounds like they taking you for granted a bit.ihave had times like that, I not good at saying no.try to please people,then you end up suffering with no time,
December 22nd, 2018  
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