Coal tit by rosiekind

Coal tit

I don't know how I ever managed to find time to go to work as I have had a very busy day again today. I went to collect the images that I've had mounted to decided which ones to enter into the Camera Club Open competition as they have to be in tonight. I have decided to enter a kingfisher as my first choice, a lion taken at Chicago Zoo and a dog looking lovingly at his master taken at one of our classic car shows in the village.

Anyway, it took me a while changing the size of the images and labelling them as I had to email copies to be projected on screen so that the audience can see what the judges are looking at.

Then I raked a load of leaves for about an hour - a never ending job as the wind is blowing them off as fast as I can collect them! After sorting out the lunch and eating it, it was time to nip down the road to take some photos of a couple of cottages in our village to be used at some time but taken now that the sun is shining! I must go for a bit of a walk before it's time to get dinner!

Thanks for all your kind comments and Favs - it is always much appreciated.
Very cute capture.
October 10th, 2017  
A lovely shot, playing peekaboo? I can relate to your time issues very well as I am also struggling to get everything done. 365 is a wonderful but almost a full time job ;-)
October 10th, 2017  
A lovely capture. Fav!! 😀
October 10th, 2017  
Lovely detail, colour and capture Rosie:)
October 10th, 2017  
It is hard to I,shine how we ever had time to go to work! Good lucky with your photos
October 11th, 2017  
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