E Is for ... by spanishliz

E Is for ...

Erosion, or what Eventually happens to any footwear I have Ever worn for any length of time!
Is this what it mean to be down at heel?
August 5th, 2019  
@arthurclark I think you may be right, Arthur! :)
August 5th, 2019  
I don’t know of these are repairable....
August 5th, 2019  
@jacqbb Oh, they are definitely beyond repair! I actually thought I'd thrown them out already, but found this wasn't the case when I was searching for some way of depicting "erosion".
August 5th, 2019  
Yep, I am heavy on my footwear to.
August 5th, 2019  
Beyond repair, I think
August 6th, 2019  
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