Belly Up to the Bar by timerskine

Belly Up to the Bar

My bird feeding station, called Tim's Diner, has 5 feeders, plus a separate feeder for the squirrels (2 hummingbird feeders are also out during their season here). And with a lot of ground feeding birds around, especially Dark-eyed Juncoes (Junco hyemalis), I make sure that there is food available on the railing of our deck (currently festooned with Christmas lights).

It is a very rainy day and very cold, just above freezing. The feeders are being overwhelmed by customers and there's a wait for latecomers. I've made sure that all the feeders are full and there is extra out on the rail.

This Tufted Titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor) is perusing the Diner's bill of fare before making its selection.
I wonder how your establishments rate on Zagat for your feathered clientele? You are so nice in a season where/when its needed the most.
December 16th, 2020  
Entertaining narrative and title, good shot
December 16th, 2020  
Great title and lucky bird. Nice shot
December 17th, 2020  
Cool smorgasbord for the wildlife!
December 17th, 2020  
Cute capture of the customer
December 17th, 2020  
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