Packwood Sundial by whdarcyblueyondercouk

Packwood Sundial

Went for a walk around Packwood House (National Trust UK) this morning with the camera (as always). Got some lovely images of the frosty landscape. But one stood out more than any other. This is a photograph of the sundial in the garden to what was the front of the house. You can see clearly the time on the sundial is midday (GMT). However, if you check the time stamp on the camera it was 11:22.
This raises three possibilities - 1) the sun is in the wrong position (it's orbit has moved since the house was build in 1560); 2) the time on the camera is wrong (it was not - I checked); 3) the sundial was built in the wrong place, or moved at some time since...
Nice pov, awesome photo
January 18th, 2024  
That's marvellous.
January 18th, 2024  
What great patina on that clock. Well found.
January 19th, 2024  
Great find and nice capture, love the texture and color
January 19th, 2024  
What an interesting observation. Have you found out whether the sundial has been moved since 1560? I have a feeling the possibility is that our orbit has changed fractionally.
January 26th, 2024  
Intriguing and awesome shot
March 31st, 2024  
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