December Challenge

posted November 16th, 2012
I made up this December challenge.

Dec. 1: a star
Dec. 2: a favorite toy or game
Dec. 3: something cold
Dec. 4: a book you're reading
Dec. 5: hot cocoa or coffee
Dec. 6: your favorite candy
Dec. 7: a hat
Dec. 8: your keyboard
Dec. 9: something small
Dec. 10: a calendar
Dec. 11: something relaxing
Dec. 12: your favorite food
Dec. 13: a CD
Dec. 14: duct tape
Dec. 15: music
Dec. 16: a photo that you took at school or work
Dec. 17: an animal
Dec. 18: a fruit
Dec. 19: lights
Dec. 20: a clock
Dec. 21: a video game
Dec. 22: something home-made
Dec. 23: cookies
Dec. 24: a night photo
Dec. 25: a plant
Dec. 26: something soft
Dec. 27: water
Dec. 28: something you collect
Dec. 29: a drawing
Dec. 30: something outside
Dec. 31: a celebration

Have fun and think outside the box!
posted November 16th, 2012
As I will be unable to upload anything from 16th December until 5th January then I will give this challenge a miss.
posted November 16th, 2012
Hi Sophia,

A few of us do a monthly word challenges like this on in November.

These were all nominated by 365'rs and I was planning to start a Decide-4-December next week?

What are everyone’s thoughts on this; I could include this list to start with, or we could just use this list and I can go for a lie down?
posted November 16th, 2012
Maybe we should use Sophia's list, seeing as she has gone to the trouble of coming up with it and posting? It was fun being part of the deciding for November list though, so "we" should definitely do that again for January (so long as you don't mind getting us organised Bulldog??)

posted November 16th, 2012
@water1997 I like your list. Think I am going to give it a go. Sometimes it is so hard to get out and take pictures, so this helps give me ideas of things I can do at home.
posted November 16th, 2012
@water1997 is there a tag you think we should use so we can see the photos of everyone else who will be doing this challenge?
posted November 16th, 2012
@shweetheart - I agree Helen, I won't start another one, it would be silly.

@water1997 - this look like a great list. Looking forward to it.
posted November 16th, 2012
@ontheotherside We should use the tag "Dec. Challenge" If we do it.
posted November 16th, 2012
@gphelps5 Thanks! In January, I'd like to help make a list.
posted November 16th, 2012
@water1997 ok will do
posted November 16th, 2012
@ontheotherside I look forward to seeing your photos if you do it!
posted November 17th, 2012
As a newbie [24 photos in my first album] I have enjoyed doing the November-list so I'm in for the December challenge and give Bulldog a months rest before we start on the January-list.
posted November 18th, 2012
I'm all up for more lists but wouldn't it be good to add some more Christmassy words to this project - i'm not saying to disregard all the words, just to add a select few seasonal ones? As for a January list - i'd love to contribute some ideas towards it!
posted November 18th, 2012
@darrenboyj I was thinking that "star" could be kind of Christmasy, and for "plant" we could do a Christmas tree. I tried to make broad categories so that anyone could do it and think creatively about what they're going to do. Because if anyone was stuck for inspiriation (did I spell that right?) on a Christmas tree on the 25th, but they wanted to photograph a different plant, they'd probably just take a picture of the tree without trying to capture anything special.
posted November 18th, 2012
@water1997 I'm real keen, this looks like good fun! "December Challenge" would be a good tag i reckon, lets do it!
posted November 19th, 2012
Nice list, but I don't think I can commit in December. I'll see you in Januarys challenge.
posted November 25th, 2012
hey bulldog I'm in for the most part..Im wishing my own self
posted November 26th, 2012
I'm willing to do this, where do i upload the photos to?
posted November 26th, 2012
@water1997 I think this is a good list and gives everybody scope to be imaginative. What exactly shall we tag it? (I have seen two slightly different suggestions in the posts). Well done!
posted November 26th, 2012
Yes I like this list and thanks to Bulldog for the ones he has already organised. I'm just waiting now to see what tag we should use
posted November 26th, 2012
For those of us who have done the November-list and intend to do the January-list why not use Decenber-list [it is easier to tag than"December Challenge". Either way we need to know what tag to use - final decision to Sophia as it her list?
posted November 26th, 2012
@purplehaze12 That's a good idea! We should do it.
posted November 26th, 2012
just in case you don't pick up on my previous post, what would you like to tag this Sophia?
posted November 26th, 2012
@purplehaze12 I think your December-list idea is a good one, so let's do that.
posted November 27th, 2012
i will try to do this challenge with you.
posted November 27th, 2012
Great list! My only (very minor) complaint is that December 16 (a photo from school or work) is a Sunday, a day most of us aren't at school or work. Is my OCD showing? =)
posted November 27th, 2012
@LindaC Ok, does anyone have suggestions for that day?
posted November 28th, 2012
@water1997 How about just swapping the 16th & the 17th?
posted November 29th, 2012
Sounds fun, I'm in! What's the tag, so we can see each other's work?
posted November 29th, 2012
@LindaC Good idea!
posted November 29th, 2012
@raineyday December-list
posted November 30th, 2012
Okay, I'll try this December-List too.
posted November 30th, 2012
@la_photographic @gphelps5 @shweetheart @ontheotherside @water1997 @davidwren @LindaC @raineyday @quietpurplehaze I think it would be nice to have some bonus/alternate words also for the days we can't do the word listed.

posted November 30th, 2012
@henrir Bonus word ideas... feast, candle, green, twelve, boxes, jolly, turquoise (or is topaz the birthstone?). Anyone else?

@water1997 @raineyday @summerfield @purplehaze12 @rosiekind @gphelps5 @davidwren @ontheotherside
posted November 30th, 2012
@LindaC Aquamarine is the birthstone. And those sound like good bonus words.
posted November 30th, 2012
@LindaC Good bonus words. Thanks.
posted December 2nd, 2012
Looks like lots of fun. . .I'll see how many I can get done.
posted December 2nd, 2012
what do we tag this as.. I done mine as star and december challege
posted December 2nd, 2012
I'm interested. What do we tag it as?? Thanks.
posted December 2nd, 2012
@gphelps5 :-( I was really looking forward to the 'December-list'.
I hope the others find this list.
Does it get posted for everyone? How will others find this? It is a good list
posted December 2nd, 2012
@LindaC Wait, you were right about the birthstone.
posted December 2nd, 2012
@shansshots "December-list"
posted December 3rd, 2012
@emma_j Emma, there are two great word challenges going this month. This one is tagged "december-list". The other one is tagged "dec12".The thread for it is here:

Both have lots of great words for inspiration!
posted December 3rd, 2012
@nadaa excellent, thank you.
posted December 4th, 2012
i'm in too! this is my first challenge, should be fun :D
posted December 6th, 2012
@water1997 thanks sophia!
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