Welcome to the Landscape Challenge – N°2

posted February 20th, 2018
New Landscape Challenge – N°2

Hello Everybody!
Thanks a million to Sarah @sarahlth for starting and hosting the landscape challenge and to all who participated in landscape N°1. This was such a great idea, with a lot of wonderful submissions. Also I would like to say thanks to all who voted for my picture. So I have the honour to host the next one: Landscape Challenge N°2.

You are free to use any photographic technique you like to capture a landscape. You may enter as many times as you like, but your entry must be taken within the challenge time frame to be considered as a finalist. The starting date will be immediately: Tuesday 20/02/2018 and will run until Tuesday 13/03/2018. I will consider all time zones. This will give you the time, to go out and about and capture the lanscape beauty that lies around us.
Tag your photos with: landscape-2
You can check entries here: http://365project.org/tags/landscape-2 , or browse through the latest page by the objectclarity.com slideshow: http://365project.objectclarity.com/index.php?view=tag&tag=landscape-2

I will choose my favourite images for you to vote and the winner will get the opportunity to host the next landscape challenge.
I can't wait to see the pictures. And please share them in this thread (optional) so everyone else can enjoy them too and get inspired to play along.

Have fun and I'm looking forward to seeing your shots!
Thanks very much and good luck to all joining this challenge.
posted February 25th, 2018
Hi Mona. A question: does the definition of landscape exclude scenes that in some way also feature figures (human or animal)?
posted February 25th, 2018
@steggiesaurus Hi Steggie ;-) I personally do not see any problem to have a human or beastly element in a landscape scene. Sometimes a human element can add, like to give a sense of scale, a sense of wasteness, or distance. This is my humble opinion, and as I rule this second landscape challenge I would say: please give it a go and tag your shot(s). But I know that by definition landscape photography should be purely natural. But as is often the case with "art", it is subjective and the lines and the rules are blurred. So probably some landscape challenges in future have a different rule.
Here an example of one of my own pics from some time ago, to hightlight what is my opinion.

Hope this helps.
posted February 26th, 2018
Wow. Love that shot. So I went ahead and entered one... though it does feature the figure much more explicitly than yours, it is aimed at the landscape. My description is this:
"[The photo] may not adhere to some people's definition of landscape photography, but to me it is a landscape (i.e., a fixed, broad take on natural and human landscape), but containing a contradiction. The dog moves in a direction opposed to the land itself. She is the mortal, ephemeral (let's say temporary) contrast to the ancient fixtures of rock, beach, and castle. Well, that's how I see it anyway!
posted February 26th, 2018
I just had a gander at the other contenders so far and they are absolutely beautiful! I don't envy you your task, @mona65 . And this is early in the game! Anyway, thanks for hosting. Good fun.
posted March 1st, 2018
I just finished my Weekly SH*T list and noticed that this challenge is now over but the finalists have not been chosen.
This is just a friendly reminder because I know how busy life can get!!
posted March 1st, 2018
@farmreporter Hi Wendy, thanks for helping us with your list, and also for the reminder. I set up the date like: The starting date will be immediately: Tuesday 20/02/2018 and will run until Tuesday 13/03/2018.
I know that my english is very limited and probably I expressed myself unclear. I meant that it runs until March 13th. How can I write it better, so there is no missunderstanding? Thanks again for your help.
posted March 1st, 2018
Oops - my mistake and I am so sorry!! It is not your mistake at all but I got mixed up on the dates!!
Please forgive me!
posted March 4th, 2018
Here's one from me.

posted March 4th, 2018
posted March 4th, 2018
Snow provides an opportunity for landscape shot in humdrum Bedford UK https://365project.org/helenhall/365
posted March 4th, 2018

posted March 5th, 2018
Hope this fits the description.
posted March 8th, 2018
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