minimal urban 1 by granagringa

minimal urban 1

I haven't been following the challenges lately, but this one is just in my wheelhouse. Now if I can stretch my minimalism....working with my new 50mm prime lens.
It's good in the sepia - takes away the colour - is that to help with the minimalistic effect? It also gives it a bit of a vintage look. :)
May 1st, 2018  
@robz You give me too much credit for with the minimalistic effect?? maybe...? Actually, there was no color....basically a very mute grey sky with no tones and the high key/over exposure got rid of whatever tonal range there might have been. The original seemed to glaring and bright and I did this to tone it down a bit....Didn't want to burn anyone's
May 1st, 2018  
I think this is your best minimal urban yet. Very effective.
May 1st, 2018  
Definitely minimalist.. maybe even more convincing without the vignette?
May 5th, 2018  
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