Another vintage tool  by rhoing

Another vintage tool

From my dad's cache. Just a single “bubble,” unlike many modern levels with two or three bubbles. The brass hardware here is set in wood. Overall, the piece measures 1-3/8" × 3-1/8" × 12-5/8". Since this was probably manufactured in the 1920s or 1930s, it probably belonged to my paternal grandfather before my dad.

On the right are
» the familiar notched-rectangle “Stanley” logo as well as
» the less-familiar “SW” heart logo.
I found some explanations of the logo(s). (I added the inset image after polishing the brass, of course.)

From Tom Holloway on » “The S.W. in the heart design appeared ‘according to my sources’, in various configurations below the notched rectangle STANLEY logo, from c. 1920 to c. 1934. It was preceded by the ‘V logo’ and followed by the simple notched rectangle.

“Before 1920 the Stanley Rule and Level Co. and Stanley Works existed as two separate companies… For some time before the merger of the two firms in 1920, Stanley Works had been using the heart logo with SW inside, in recognition of company stalwart William H. Hart, who served the firm for 61 years and was Chairman of the Board from 1915–18 (when he ‘retired’ at age 84 and died the following year!).

“After the merger, tradition has it that employees were invited to suggest a new logo for the now united operation, and what we now call the Sweetheart logo on Stanley tools was born. Although the use of the SW in the heart was formally dropped in favor of the simple notched rectangle in 1934, the older combination logo still came out of the plant on various product lines
until the old stock was used up over the next several years.”

From » “The sweetheart logo was a result of the merger of the Stanley Rule and Level Company and Stanley Toolworks (there used to be two Stanley companies) and it was a merging of their two logos, with the heart being a memorial to the Stanley Works' president William Hart. The Stanley in the rectangle is the Stanley Rule and Level Company's logo and the SW in the heart indicated Stanley Works.”

From » “‘Sweetheart’ is a logo used in the past and reintroduced recently by Stanley. A heart shape with the letters ‘SW’ inside. The ‘SW’ stands for The Stanley Works; the heart-shape is a memorial to The Stanley Works long-time president, William Hart.”

There you have it. Probably more than you wanted to know about the company that makes “Stanley” tools!

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