Hawthorne strainer by rhoing

Hawthorne strainer

I never knew the standard cocktail strainer also had a more-official name. Googling “cocktail strainer” will get a variety of types and styles, but Googling “Hawthorne strainer” will only get you this.

I also note an annoying thing about the Google Pixel camera: The date embedded in the file name does not agree with the meta data for the date the photo was taken. I think this was probably taken late on the 7th, but the file name indicates the 8th. ???

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[ PXL_20201208_051335299S87x81AGstm :: cell phone ]
Oh! I haven't seen one of these in years! Last time I saw one, I was looking in the drawers of dad's bar trying to find the corkscrew. What memories!
February 12th, 2021  
My Dad had one of those! Haven't seen one in ages.
February 12th, 2021  
Now you're talkin' my language !!
February 12th, 2021  
hmm, what I learn on 365 lol
February 13th, 2021  
Interesting view! Could be the "time zone" that your phone is picking up. I live on the boarder of Central/Easter time and if I leave my phone to decide, it will switch if I move around the house.
February 14th, 2021  
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