things that say "merry Christmas" - wreaths by summerfield

things that say "merry Christmas" - wreaths

wreaths are a nice way to decorate a home during Christmas time. it can be made of fresh evergreens, berries, twigs, laurel leaves, or even man-made materials.

this is a Christmas wreath i made about 10 years ago or so, when i used to be crafty - well, i'm still crafty now, although in a different sense :-) i wanted something different but using the materials i had at the time. and this was the final result. it's old and looking tired now; i suppose after so many years of service that's bound to happen, but i still like it hanging on my door and people still admire it. it looks askew and that is because it was deliberately made that way.

in the olden days in the old country, my mother made everything from scratch: sturdy cardboards, glue made from clothes starch, and delicate japanese papers. if i could turn back time, i would save everything that she had made so i can show them to you. but, alas! i didn't know better.
This is a beautiful wreath. It has really stood the test of time. It is so nice that your mother taught you how to use resources wisely. Well done.
December 21st, 2011  
that is a very beautiful wreath! I also wish I saved things from the old days, or at least taken a picture..
December 21st, 2011  
lots of life left in this one! it's very pretty
December 21st, 2011  
I love wreaths too, summerfield. On anything . . inside and outside! Love this one that you made. Hang onto it as long as you can. Isn't that the truth about how we let our parents and grandparents ornaments, etc. get away from us. Some of my grandmother's beautiful things were even thrown away. Well, hopefully we can keep the tradition alive! :)
December 21st, 2011  
It is great that you still have this one. We have one on our balcony door
December 21st, 2011  
I think you did a lovely job on this one! I really like those beads wrapped around the wreath. Nice shot too!
December 21st, 2011  
Beautiful wreath! I love the deep green color, and the happy red accents. There is also a sense of the festive and elegant. Lovely job, and lovely shot!
December 21st, 2011  
What a crafty person you are,great looking Christmas wreath and nicely photographed
December 21st, 2011  
I am with Ann- the beads are the best. Nicely shot, like a greeting card.
December 21st, 2011  
Lovely capture of your pretty decoration :)
December 21st, 2011  
@pamfromcalgary - thank you, pam.

@roth - i wish i'd taken a picture, too, but cameras at the time weren't as handy as today.

@sunnygreenwood - and i almost retired it this year. maybe it will retire when i do. thank you, anne.

@karenann - thank you, karenann. like sue had said earlier, wish i'd taken pics.
December 21st, 2011  
@bkbinthecity - thank you, brian.

@olivetreeann - the wreath and the beads had been sitting in my craft box at the time and almost became a 'wedding' wreath for a friend but i held off. glad i did. thank you, ann.

@myautofocuslife - thank you, livia. 'happy red' - i like that! :-)
December 21st, 2011  
@steeler - i am aren't i? :-) thank you, howard.

@jannkc - thank you, jann. i looked at it again and thought i should've put "merry Christmas" across it.

@alia_801 - thank you, alia. much appreciated.
December 21st, 2011  
i really like this wreath and it has stood up so wonderfully. the non-traditional feel to it is what makes it so beautiful. lovely shot.
December 21st, 2011  
@catsmeowb - thank you, camille. maybe for next year i will 'refurbish' the lower part to freshen it up.
December 21st, 2011  
I love this, you crafty girl, you!! Love your style! And yes, that's the way we did things growing up -- we crafted out of every piece of box, old magazines, toilet paper rolls, fabric, old Christmas cards -- you name it and we made it into something beautiful! It was very cool! Love your wreath!
December 22nd, 2011  
@cscecil - thank you, CS. you're always so sweet!
December 24th, 2011  
that is lovely! and you are very talented :-)
December 27th, 2011  
@patticake - why, thank you, patti!
December 30th, 2011  
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