The Day Before by allie912

The Day Before

Preparing for a unique inauguration by watching the preparations in Washington prior to The president-elect’s arrival. Not shown, all the security precautions around the city and the paranoid isolation of the current President.
Nice collage. It's going to be different for sure, but some of the events have been very moving, like the ceremony tonight at the Lincoln Memorial. I hope all goes well.
January 20th, 2021  
January 20th, 2021  
Watched BBC TV and saw Trump 'fly away'...
January 20th, 2021  
@gijsje Good riddance
January 20th, 2021  
what a day, hurray !!!!!!!!!!
January 20th, 2021  
Sadly appropriate to be paranoid given what has transpired recently. But what a day, a ray of hope at last! Good riddance to the exiting cretin indeed...
January 21st, 2021  
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