I have just remembered (again!) by anniesue

I have just remembered (again!)

the part that the cockerel plays in the Easter story

(and while online, checking the spelling of cockerel, I found out that here is a Russian farmer who makes a statue out of dung each year of the new Chinese symbol - so I am not alone in my idiosyncrasies!) And, hats off, I think I am surpassed!
Most definitely!
April 9th, 2017  
@narayani what with your large green chicken, and his huge manure chicken, I'm beginning to think size is the key!
April 9th, 2017  
@anniesue size definitely does matter!
April 10th, 2017  
@narayani wasn't I just saying the same thing on Facebook?!
April 10th, 2017  
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