It's that time of month already - when we announce the latest theme winner, for February's Black & White theme!

As always, we really appreciate you all taking time to check out our 6 finalists and casting your winning votes - Thank you!

We're very excited to announce @shutterbug49 as the winner. Congratulations!

The contrast of the people walking across the footbridge, against the bright, sun-drenched and shadow-cast ceiling and walls makes for a magical combination in @shutterbug49's winning shot. We also love how a creative eye and curiosity to look up has inspired us to take more time to appreciate our surroundings instead of chasing around and only looking forward - maybe like some of the people on the bridge!

Remember there is still time to take part in the latest monthly theme "Animals", so get tagging before March 31. We'll reveal the finalists within the first couple days of April!

March 15th, 2019
Thank you to all of you who helped me improve my b&w photography during the month of February and who selected my photo to win the contest. I loved many of the b&w photos posted and think many of them could easily have won. The photos you all posted were a real inspiration to me. And I like what bilbaroo said about staying curious and observing your surroundings. I think that is what photography has most done for me.
March 17th, 2019
huge congrats @shutterbug49 !!! so worth the award :) this site is awesome for helping our skills in so many ways
March 21st, 2019
@shutterbug49 congrats!!!!!
May 8th, 2019
@shutterbug49 Do you have a list for the monthly challenge. I thought I was in it with half and half, but all of a sudden notice it’s theme-floral.
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