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Thanks for visiting and thank you for commenting on my photos. I appreciate it very much! I am here to improve everyday. So I appreciate advice and suggestions.

Favorite Photography Quote: The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera. - Dorthea Lange

I started 365 on November 19, 2018. It is just what I needed to stay motivated. I came here to get inspiration and ideas for taking photos every day. I have photographed with Nikon and Olympus but solely use my iPhone now. I also love to create composites using SuperimposeX.

I am on the steering committee for the photography group in my senior community. I am the iPhone resource and try to help even the experienced camera users get the most out of their mobile devices when it is the only camera with them. Since photography is about light, I learn even more from those of you using dedicated cameras. I find that since photographers learn to observe differently many of them are glad to know how to take photos with the mobile device when they don’t have their other camera with them. I live in Northern California.


Popular Photos are at: https://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=shutterbug49

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