Abstract-24 winner!!!

September 18th, 2019

Many thanks to everybody who voted for the winner of the Abstract-24 Challenge.

Before announcing the winner could I just take a minute of your time to make a comment. In the past I have often apologized for putting up more than the customary 5 or 6 finalists. This time there were 8 – some from 365ers whose names many of you would recognize and some from 365ers who may never have entered a challenge before. It would have been very easy to choose just 5 which were my personal preference – however choosing 8 allowed a greater variety of images to be seen be the voters. The spread of votes covered the whole 8 images with people showing a wide variety of preferences. Actually, 4 of my favourites were in fact not favourites of the pool of voters.

When I first started with 365 I can remember being so terribly excited when one of my images was chosen as a finalist, and I can clearly remember the “sponge” image that actually won the “Mundane Challenge”!

I don’t believe it makes it much harder for the voters to choose from a larger number, but I do believe it allows more people to have their images admired and seen and also helps dilute the effect of personal preferences. So, in the future, if I end up being lucky enough to be in this position again, I will be choosing any number of finalists – dependent entirely on the variety of entries submitted. I hope you will understand my reasoning and will enjoy being given a wider range of photos to choose from.

Anyway – enough from me – to the winner!!!!

Congratulations Shutterbug @shutterbug49 on your fabulous winning entry:

In line with an earlier discussion, Abstract-25 has already started and the “official” notification will now be posted on the Discussion Page.

So, it’s over to you now Shutterbug. I found that the trickiest part of the new starting method was to actually remember that it was now your chance to organize the voting when it was due and then start the new version.

Many thanks
Cheers Rob
September 18th, 2019
many congrats @shutterbug49 - wonderful image :)
September 19th, 2019
Thank you and everyone who participated in the challenge. I agree with what you said about selecting entries for the vote. Sometimes you have a lot of entries and sometimes only a few. I have only done a few of these but I was especially fearful that when I had to pick say one of four from the same person, that I wasn’t picking the one that others would have voted for.
September 19th, 2019
@shutterbug49 Yes - I find that bit tricky too. It's that whole personal preference thing again. What I've ended up doing is shorten it down to the 2 I like best and then have a look and see the responses that each of these got from other 365ers who follow the person. I don't know it that would be any help too you. Anyway - the host can only do their best.... Congratulations again on your win - that really is a lovely abstract! Cheers Rob
September 20th, 2019
oh wow, I somehow missed even seeing this image, I've just had an insane couple of weeks - congrats @shutterbug49 that image is wonderful :)
September 20th, 2019
@shutterbug49 I seem to have missed this one too, a fabulous winning image, congrats.
@robz that sounds like a great way to do it :-)
September 20th, 2019
@ludwigsdiana Hi Diana - thanks for your feedback - it's good to hear that you think that's a good way to decide - I'm like Shutterbug and find it tricky. Cheers Rob
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