Bathroom Still Life by brigette

Bathroom Still Life

So today we have a still life for the ETSOOI challenge from a recent image.

My city of Auckland is current in a State of Emergency due to unprecedented rainfall causing major flooding, slips and loss of 4 lives to date. We are expecting more deluge tomorrow and wednesday. My house is relatively ok with only a flooded garage - but I have friends who are still without power or water with major landslides on their road - which are litteraly caving away. Scary times.

Good to hear you are ok and I hope your friends are soon sorted! What horrendous weather. Nice still life image.
January 29th, 2023  
Nice one
January 30th, 2023  
This weather system sure is hanging around. I hope things settle down quickly!
January 30th, 2023  
Unbelievable scenes from Auckland, hope you survive the next deluge. We're 55km south of Auckland and got off lightly on Friday. It was more extreme yesterday here, resulting in a moat around the house. Also, a lightning strike nearby set off the fire siren.
January 30th, 2023  
oh glad to hear you are not too badly affected, looks horrendous!!!
January 30th, 2023  
Looks awful from what we’re seeing - meant to be coming up on Thursday for a show but we’ll see…This is very delicate btw
January 30th, 2023  
Oh dear. Doesn't sound good. Take care down there. Beautiful image.
January 30th, 2023  
Lovely photo. Please be safe
January 31st, 2023  
Marvelous color. Stay safe
February 1st, 2023  
@jgpittenger thanks Jane
@daisymiller thanks Daisy
@jamibann - thank you..
@graemestevens ; @kali66 - can't lie - its been quite shocking seeing the images on TV myself. I have friends in Titirangi who have been cut off with slips etc and times without power or water
@yorkshirekiwi - glad you missed the worse of it - but a moat around your house doesn't really sound like much of a fairytale either!! I heard on the radio this morning that the Strand in Parnell was underwater - this is my usual route to work so took another route. I work for the DHB so can't work from home

@dkbarnett Hopefully the worst of it is behind us now!
@chikadnz thank you .. its been quite a week and I feel very cheated about summer!!!
February 1st, 2023  
thank you for taking part in the challenge
February 9th, 2023  
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