Last Supper  by countrylassie

Last Supper

Just a diary shot. Our Son is off to NZ tomorrow for a year, I am not looking forward to his departure but am looking forward to visiting NZ and seeing him.
Hope he enjoys his stay on NZ.. what part of NZ is he visiting.. great time of year to come..
October 28th, 2019  
Let me know when you are visiting - I am an hour from Auckland (on a good day, traffic-wise).
October 29th, 2019  
Yum! Hope your son has a great time.
October 29th, 2019  
Sounds like he’s going to NZ for a while if you are thinking of visiting! Great when our kids go off & we have the opportunity to visit foreign parts! Hope he has a wonderful time! I go visiting family in NZ next week & will hopefully be meeting up with @julzmaioro & @dide on the 11th November! Such fun seeing fellow 365ers!
October 29th, 2019  
every cloud really does have a silver lining
October 31st, 2019  
@julzmaioro he spent 4 days in Auckland, now in Wellington for 7 days then going cycling around the south island (I think!)
@dide thank you not got a date yet
@angelar thank you
@happypat yes he's off for a year have a good time with the 365 girls!
@annie-sue (yes, struggling to see that lining yet though!)
November 5th, 2019  
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