Breathe by cristinaledesma33


Breathe, breathe in the air
From Breathe by Pink Floyd

The first 1.20 minutes of this song is how someone with asthma feels before taking a breath from the inhaler. And then you do take it and everything calms down. Just like in the song.
I recognized that we use the same brand -- and I like how you put everything on the edge, forming almost an entire barrier with only a tiny space at the bottom to show how it feels like you can't get to the air on the other side.
January 8th, 2019  
@jyokota Thank you! (Fellow sufferer!)
January 8th, 2019  
I used to use one when I was in my 20's but of late I've not needed it. Great track BTW :)
January 8th, 2019  
@rjb71 Thank you!
January 8th, 2019  
Great photo, great song, fascinating story...
January 9th, 2019  
@lsquared Thank you!
January 11th, 2019  
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