One Year Later... by darylo

One Year Later...

Last year's shot:

As the former president of the National Japanese Honor Society as an 8th grader, my daughter was invited to "come back" to middle school for this ceremony to praise the new inductees and to tell them about being in high school studying Japanese. I was very proud of her and her friend who was the former vice president (they go to different high schools unfortunately).

Last year, our beloved sensei made these rice balls (there is a more appropriate name for them) for the ceremony and again, she did it. Taken with my "nifty-fifty" (really a 35mm designed for full frame)--the wide aperture is such a delight. I used my kit lens for all of the action (on a tripod), but nothing beats this lens. When I'm in Japan this summer, it's the lens to have. Anything with a wider aperture is worth the investment. JMHO
They look great. Nice close up!
February 19th, 2015  
They look yummy.
February 19th, 2015  
@danette They REALLY are. I have to keep myself from wanting them as they really are for guests. Our "sensei" (teacher) was so kind and made three extra for us so we could have them at home. I love our Japanese teachers!
February 19th, 2015  
These look beautiful!
February 19th, 2015  
Wow that is a beautiful shot and the dof is excellent! looks very yummy!
February 19th, 2015  
I'm not sure if it's the camera or your improved skill but this years looks so much better than last years!
February 20th, 2015  
They look yummy
February 21st, 2015  
No comparison -- you have such an eye for form and structure, and I can see it put to such good use here! It's really a wonderful image.
February 22nd, 2015  
Nice food shot Daryl and I agree with you that everyone should have at least one lens with a very wide aperture... just perfect for this sort of image.
February 24th, 2015  
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