New Artist challenge: Carrie Mae Weems

January 25th, 2018
Thank you for selecting my Whistler Mom photo in the last artist challenge

For the next artist challenge, I've chosen Carrie Mae Weems

Last week I was at the National Gallery and accidentally stumbled upon a room containing Weems' kitchen table series. I flipped over it. It's a collection of 20 photos, all taken at a bare kitchen table that tell a story of meeting a man, heartbreak, having a child, having friends. The photos had no titles, but didn't need any to tell a story. Some were in groups of three. They were interspersed with short written pieces that added to the sense of viewing the inner life of the woman.

Some of her work is very political, other work is very personal, much has an element of poetry

To see the kitchen table series:

To see her work more generally:

The Challenge:

+ STARTS January 26, 2018 (all time zones considered)

+ ENDS February 10, 2018 (all time zones considered)

+ TAG: ac-weems

+ See entries here.

+ Only photographs taken on or between these dates will be chosen for voting by your peers. Take a photograph that is in the artist's style, or emulate a certain work, or simply be inspired by Weems' work. You may process your photos to emulate the artwork or stay true to your own style of processing.

+ You may enter more than one photo. In each case, however, I would appreciate very much if you would include a link to the photograph(s) that inspired yours.

Also, I encourage you to post your entry/ies in the comments section below to keep this discussion active and to inspire others. To do so, simply click on the button on the right of the star button at the bottom right of your photo’s narrative, copy the Embed Code and paste it on your comment here.

Go forth and shoot! Have fun!
January 25th, 2018
you may want to edit out the bit about whistler self portraits ;)
very interesting work, will let it sink in a bit.
January 29th, 2018
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February 4th, 2018
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