February Words of the Month

January 31st, 2018

Hello and welcome to February’s list of words. My apologies for the tardiness – agriculture is sometimes crisis management and life does get in the way!

For newer members, this is a great place to dip your toes into. This challenge is also a great place for older members who occasionally lose their mojo and need ideas or inspiration. It can be a great challenge for those who want to go that extra nine yards to do a full month of words. The choice is yours!

Feel free to do one word, a few, or all of them. They can be done in any order you choose, or on the suggested day. Pop in daily, or just on occasion. This is your challenge, and your project. Until next month, enjoy!

February has always been considered the romantic month with 365 so it was not surprising that many of the suggestions came from this direction. I am looking forward to seeing the love shine through in this month’s photos.
The word white was suggested so I incorporated that into this month’s technique side of the challenge. Examples of white on white done by fellow 365 members can be found here:

A couple of links for how-to:

The tag for the month will continue in the same format as before, first three letters of the month, the year and then ‘words’ (feb18words).

The February words are:
1 – Candle
2 – Poetry
3 – Holding hands
4 – Animal
5 – Broken
6 – White on white
7 – Red
8 – Grey
9 – Quirky
10 – Date night
11 – Romance
12 – Love
13 – Heart(s)
14 – Valentine(s)
15 – Rose(s)
16 – Chocolate
17 – Present
18 – Architecture
19 – Snowy or sky
20 – Wineglass
21 – Embrace
22 – Wet
23 - Pancakes
24 – Place of Worship
25 – Tasty
26 – Wrong
27 – Lips
28 – Ice sculpture or sculpture

Bonus words are: Amethyst, the birthstone of February, is a variety of quartz that ranges in colour from a deep violet and red to a lighter lilac hue. Ancient Greeks believed that the stone protected the wearer from drunkenness and enabled them to keep a balanced mind. The two zodiac signs associated with February are Aquarius and Pisces. Members of Aquarius can be identified by their unique style and their flowing personalities while those born under the influence of Pisces are dreamers with the ability to turn far-off dreams into reality. The February birth flowers are the violet and primrose. Other bonus words are birthday and anniversary.
January 31st, 2018
Thanks for posting this:)
February 1st, 2018
Thank you, Wendy!
February 1st, 2018
Thank you Wendy. Great looking list.
February 1st, 2018
Many thanks Wendy great list as usual.
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