*August Words of the Month*

July 31st, 2020
Hi Everyone,
Thanks to Wendy for stepping in last month when I remembered then forgot then got too busy hahaha!
This month I have taken on Wendy's idea to resurrect Alphabet August for the first 26 days.
You may notice that "I" is "It’s my birthday!" and it is - a Leo at heart hahaha - thought it might be fun if you could post images for a party, presents you might give, birthday cards you might send and if your birthday is in August you could post about it or about what you are doing or would like to do if times were different.

Enjoy the words! Feel free to do some of them or all of them, in or out of the order in which you choose,. It is your challenge and your rules!

Tag is aug20words

Have a great month!!
July 31st, 2020
Thank you Annie. Great looking list.
July 31st, 2020
I'll likely do an alphabet August again this year, but not always using these words :) Last year I did two!
August 1st, 2020
Thanks, Annie.
I didn't do any last month but think I will jump back in for Alphabet August!
August 2nd, 2020
Thanks Annie - great looking list - shall dip into this if and when I can !
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