Mundane Challenge - Aluminum Foil

September 13th, 2020
Thank you @nicolecruz for hosting the last mundane challenge: wires. And thank you to everyone who played and voted. The mundane challenge is one of my favourites so i'm thrilled to be hosting this next round 🙂.

This challenge is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

We've covered a whole bunch of subjects since this challenge was first launched back in 2012 (!!!). I don't think we've done aluminum foil and hopefully it will get your creative juices going. Feel free to use different photographic techniques, but the aluminum foil should clearly stand out as the mundane object you are capturing.

*** Mundane Challenge: aluminum foil
*** Start: Saturday September 12
*** End: Wednesday September 30

Tag for the challenge: mundane-aluminumfoil
View the entries for this challenge here:

You can tag as many photos as you like. All entries must have been taken and posted within the timeframe noted above.

Feel free to post your entries to this thread to inspire others!

Here is the list of previous topics:

[A] aluminum foil

[B] ballpoint pen, banana, bar of soap, battery, beds, bench, bench, biscuits, blinds, books, bottle tops, bottle, box, bread, brick(s) broom, bubbles, buckle, button

[C] camera, can-opener, candles, cardboard, chain, chair, cheese grater, clock,
clothes peg/pin, coffee, coin, cord/wire, corkscrew, cup/mug, curtain, cutlery

[D] door handle

[E] egg(s), elastic (rubber) band, electric plug, envelopes

[F] fence, flip flops, frying pan

[G] garlic, gate, gears, glass, glasses

[H] hair comb, hammer, hanger, hat, hex key, hinge, hose-pipe, human ear

[I] ice, index finger, iron

[J] jar

[K] key, keyboard, knob

[L] lampshade, language, leaf, lens, light bulb, light-switch, lock/locks

[M] magazine, mail, mailbox, match, mirror, mobile phone, mouse (non-furry),

[N] nail, notebook, nut (hardware)

[P] paintbrush/es, paper clip, paper cup, paper, pasta, pencil, pill, pillow, plastic bag, plate, playing cards, power pole, pumpkin, pattern

[R] rake, road markings, road signs, rock, rocks, rubber, ruler

[S] salt and pepper, salt, scissors, screw, screwdriver, seed(s), shoe, shoelaces, soap, sock, spatula, sponge, stairs, strainer, sweets/candy

[T] tack, tap (faucet), tea bag, thermometer, thread, tin can, tire/tyre, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpick, towel, twist tie

[U] umbrella

[V] vegetable(s), veggie peeler,

[W] wastepaper-basket, watch, wheel, window

[Z] zipper
September 20th, 2020
done one!!

September 21st, 2020
and another ! This time channelling my inner @mona65
September 28th, 2020
October 3rd, 2020
@northy I am curious cause this is the first challenge I have entered. When does judging start or did I find an old challenge and enter??LOL!!
October 3rd, 2020
@dawrenda when i get around to it 🙃... it's been a busy week... i'll post for voting shortly!
October 4th, 2020
@northy it's all good!! I wasn't sure LOL!! 😜
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