Ropey Macro-Fibre Challenge Rolled Out

February 25th, 2021
Many thanks to JennieB @jb030958 for hosting the lovely heart macro challenge, to all who entered and those who took part in the voting.

It is my pleasure and honour to host this macro-challenge and the topic I have chosen is FIBRE. A fibre as in a thread, some yarn, a rope, or string (not the fibre that keeps you 'regular!')

Your fibre is o be free, not made up into a completed item (so not a stitch or a garment), but is loose or in a skein, loop, knot or ball waiting to be used.

A macro shot doesn't have to be taken with a macro lens, any photo that makes your fibre look large and the star of the photo is ideal.

For tips on macro phototgraphy DPS is a great starting point for newcomers to this challenge. Google images also has some great examples if you Google 'macro-yarn'

Tag your photograph macro-fibre (do please note UK spelling!)

Entries must have been taken between the start and end dates

START February 25th
END April 2nd

Past subjects have included (in alphabetical order):
arcs/circles, brushes, bubbles, bugs, buttons, candy, car, Christmas decorations, Christmas table settings, coins, color, crafts, cupboard, cups, cutlery, decay, drinking straws, Easter, eye, feather, flowers (2x), food, food packaging, fruit, game pieces, gears, glass, guess, hands, hearts, herbs/spices, in-nature, inside-cupboard, jewelry, key, kitchen universe, knobs, leaf, locks, metal, money, motion, motion, mundane, music (2x), nuts, personal bathroom, plumbing, rust, seeds, shells, shoes, stationary, stone, St. Patrick’s Day, technology, textures, time, tools, toys, water drops, weeds,wood .

Entries can be found at macro-fibre and do please share your entries in the comments thread.
February 27th, 2021
This should be a good one Jackie! I've got lots of this fibre and I'll join in the fun.
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