New Technique Challenge – Low saturation photography

July 7th, 2021
Many thanks to Mona @mona65 for hosting the previous Technique Challenge. Controlled overexposure has been a great thematic opportunity to enrich our photographer expertise by practicing an unusual technique.

For this new edition, I am proposing to try ourselves at low saturation photography.

Using mute or attenuated colors can be a mean to convey a contained emotion, at the opposite of using bright color intensity to convey dynamism and exuberance.

For this challenge, you have several options :
- to choose a subject and a lighting that will naturally provide an image with low color intensity,
- or to desaturate the colors by using your preferred image processing tool,
- or to combine both approaches at the same time.

You can desaturate the whole image in order to work on its global mood, or only a part of it in order to highlight the rest. Success is a matter of fine tuning and nuance, in order to adjust the emotional impact you want to create.

There are a lot of examples and of tutorials on the web. Here are a few samples to kick off your inspiration:

as well as some more general information on how to handle color saturation :

Dates :
- Start : the challenge starts today July 7th , 2021.
- End : the challenge is open for entries until Saturday August 7th , 2021 by midnight in your time zone.
- Shots must be taken within this time frame.

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Entries can be viewed here:

I hope you will enjoy this challenge and I am looking forward to seeing your entries !

July 7th, 2021
Something like this??

July 8th, 2021
Yes, definitely. Thanks for your interest Jackie. I hope you will enjoy it.
July 9th, 2021
Here is another one for you, Etienne! Great challenge choice.
July 9th, 2021
@farmreporter Thank you for your participation Wendy.
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