Shapes Collage Challenge (MFPIAC 107)

October 25th, 2021
I would like to thank Rob @robz hosting the last MFPIAC challenge, and also the many people who entered collages for us to admire. It was an honour to be chosen to host MFPIAC107

This challenge asks you to choose 6 pictures that mean something to you, put them together in an interesting collage and add title.

For Challenge#107, The theme I thought I would run with is SHAPES, you can take this theme and run with it as you desire. The collages may use textures, shapes, colours, lighting, tones, saturation levels, symmetry, abstract formats, overlaps, borders, blurring, 3D effects, patterns, - whatever takes your fancy!

There are just a few RULES:
Your collage can be any shape, but MUST contain 6 photos, can include those from your archives or a series of photographs you take specifically for the collage. They can be pictures you've posted here on 365 or ones you've never shared but MUST have been taken by you pressing the shutter.

Photo collage making apps that are popular include PhotoCollage, PicCollage, PiZapare ,PicsArt. Picmonkey, Ipiccy and Befunky. Yu can also use free web collage makers, and PS users can use Adobe's online collage maker.
It's more fun to do than you might think, so give it a go!

Please tag your entries - MFPIAC107

Feel free to post your collage in the thread below as it inspires others, showcases your entry and keeps the thread active.

The MFPIAC106 challenge begins on October 25 and ends on November 25 when voting will start.

The winner will host the next collage competition.

Here's a list of recent previous themes

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Click here for a gander of entries.

Most importantly have fun!
I am looking forward to seeing your creations.

Sharon Lee ❤️

October 26th, 2021
Hi Sharon - thanks for the thanks......
And I really like your choice of a theme - it's a nice open- ended theme. :)
November 29th, 2021
Hello Sharon! When you have some time, will you please set up the voting thread for this challenge? Thank you very much!
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