ETSOOI-138 is up and running!

November 23rd, 2021
Many thanks to "mcsiegle for running the last challenge. I would also like to thank all those who voted for my photo, giving me the opportunity to host the next ETSOOI challenge which I really love.

What's it all about?
Katy @grammyn started the very first ETSOOI challenge after a friend on 365 used the phrase to describe a photo that didn't turn out as she hoped.

ETSOOI - 'Editing The Sorry-ness Out Of It' - or 'Edit The S#*t Out Of It! 🙃

This challenge is all about no boundaries in processing and editing your images, so just go for it and let your creativity run wild!

Just one rule! - Your starting image must be taken within the challenge time frames.

As well as Photoshop, Lightroom, Topaz and Affinity etc websites worth checking out include: (is also available as a free app on your phone)

or 'phone and iPad apps such as:
Snapseed, PicsArt, Pencil Sketch Free Camera360, Deep Art Effects,
Distressed FX+, Hyperspektiv, ToonCamera

Enter as many images as you like, but only one of your entries can be chosen as a finalist. The winner has the honor of hosting the next ETSOOI challenge.

Start Date - entries back dated to 20th November
End date - 18th December

Tag your entries ETSOOI-137

Check out the entries < >

It would be great if you post your link here, as it gives you more exposure and keeps this thread really active. And most importantly, HAVE FUN! I am very much looking forward to your entries.
November 24th, 2021
Is this 138 or 137?
November 25th, 2021
@myzsteriousmizsterjones I do apologize for the mistake which unfortunately cannot be changed. It is 137 as stated above ;-)
November 26th, 2021
@ludwigsdiana No problem. I was just confused!
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