Get some Sparkle for the Final Mundane Challenge of 2021

December 2nd, 2021
Thank you to Nada @njmom3 for hosting the Mundane-Juice challenge, to the other two 365ers who entered and all who voted for our entries. I am honoured to be the host for the final mundane challenge of 2021!

This is a great challenge for thinking creatively about the most ordinary of things we see around us, that we might not otherwise give a second glance, never mind take a photograph of. But for December 2021 I'm going for something than could be difficult to miss.

My mundane subject is all around at the moment, it's in shops, on lamp-posts, possibly in a box waiting to be found in your loft or already up on your tree. It may even be wrapped around a couple of coat hangers as an Advent candle holder?

My mundane subject is TINSEL which gets its name from the old French word for sparkle 'estincele', (according to WiKi). So please capture some bling, sparkle or bokeh. Add some special effects with processing, see how it looks in black and white or wrap yourself in it in a selfie. Just make TINSEL mundane but the STAR of your photo.

All entries should be taken between the start and end dates and tagged

- Mundane Subject - TINSEL
- Start Date – December 2, 2021
- End Date - January 7, 2022

You can view entries for this challenge here:

Past mundane challenges:-

[A] aluminum foil, apple
[B] ballpoint pen, banana, bar of soap, battery, beds, bench, biscuits, blinds, books, bottle tops, bottle, box, bread, brick(s) broom, bubbles, buckle, button
[C] camera, can-opener, candles, cardboard, chain, chocolate
clothes peg/pin, coffee, coin, cord/wire, corkscrew, crayon, cup/mug, curtain, cutlery,
[D] door handle
[E] egg(s), elastic (rubber) band, electric plug, envelopes
[F] fence, flip flops, fork, frying pan
[G] garlic, gate, gears, glass, glasses
[H] hair comb, hammer, hanger, hat, hex key, hinge, hose-pipe, human ear
[I] ice, index finger, iron
[J] jarJuice
[K] key, keyboard, knob
[L] lampshade, language, leaf, lens, light bulb, light-switch, lock/locks
[M] magazine, mail, mailbox, match, mirror, mobile phone, mouse (non-furry),
[N] nail, notebook, nut (hardware)
[O] Oil, onion
[P] paintbrush/es, paper clip, paper cup, paper, pasta, pencil, pill (x2), pillow, plastic bag, plate, playing cards, power pole, pumpkin, pattern
[R] rake, road markings, road signs, rock, rocks, rubber, ruler
[S] salt and pepper, salt, saucepan, scissors, screw, screwdriver, seed(s), shoe, shoelaces, soap, sock, spatula, sponge, stairs, strainer, sugar, sweets/candy
[T] tack, tap (faucet), tea bag, thermometer, thread, tin can, tire/tyre, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpick, towel, twist tie TINSEL (Current Challenge)
[U] umbrella
[V] vegetable(s), veggie peeler,
[W] wastepaper-basket, watch, wheel, whisk, window
[Z] zipper

Happy tinselling up your calendar this month! And may I be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Good Yuletide here on 365!
December 2nd, 2021
Jackie, the tag *tinsel* already returns a bunch of results. Would you like to make this one particular, like *mundane-tinsel* or something like that? It will be easier to distinguish the entries.
December 2nd, 2021
@monikozi thank you moni I've corrected my error and it should now go directly to entries made from today.
December 2nd, 2021
Love the subject choice!
December 2nd, 2021
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Awesome! I'll fix the list as well.
December 2nd, 2021
@njmom3 looking forwards to your entry/entries
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