Sharp Focus Macro Challenge

April 29th, 2022
Thank you, Jackie @30pics4jackiesdiamond, for choosing such an egg-cellent subject for the last macro challenge. Also thank you to everyone who participated and voted in that challenge. It is always such an honour to be chosen to host a challenge, and I truly appreciate being selected to host.

I have chosen sharp focus for this round of the macro challenge. While it is not truly difficult, it can be finicky to accomplish and just takes a bit of patience to master.

To create photos with sharp focus across the entire image with great depth of field but still keeping the shot macro can be accomplished many ways. You can use a narrow aperture to keep everything in focus, back away from your subject and tightly crop your image, or try the focus stacking technique which is not as difficult as it sounds.

I actually considered making this challenge a focus stacking challenge but that would eliminate those members who do not have post processing capabilities required to do this challenge so the challenge remains as a sharp focus across the entire image in whatever method you can accomplish.

Here are three links to great tutorials (one with tips on creating sharp focus and the other two on focus stacking). While the first link uses flowers as an example, you are able to use any subject you wish for this challenge. However, please make your image as macro as possible of small objects rather than close ups. Try to fill the frame with your subject.

The challenge runs from April 29th to Friday, May 27th. Only photos taken between these dates will qualify.
Please tag your entries: macro-sharp
You can view the entries here:

Here is a list of the topics that have been the focus of the macro lens in the past:

Animal bits, arcs/circles,
brushes, bubbles, bugs, buttons,
candy, car, Christmas bokeh, Christmas decorations, Christmas table settings, coins, color, crafts, crystals, cupboard, cups, cutlery,
decay, drinking straws,
Easter, eye, EGG
feather, flowers (2x), food, food packaging, fibre, fruit,
game pieces, gears, glass, guess,
hands, herbs/spices,
in-nature, inside-cupboard,
key, kitchen universe, knobs,
leaf, locks,
metal, money, motion, mundane, music (2x),
personal bathroom, plumbing,
screw/s, seeds, shells, shoes, smoke, stationary, Star Wars, stone, St. Patrick’s Day, sharp focus
technology, textures, time, tools, toys, translucent,
water drops, weeds and wood,
April 29th, 2022
Brilliant topic, shall enjoy playing
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