Composite Challenge is Sure to Make You Smile!

June 4th, 2022
I can’t tell you how surprised I was to see my photo listed as the winner of the last composite challenge. So, my most humble thanks to any and all who voted for my “surprising” trees. That was definitely a fun one to put together. And judging from the ups and downs our world is facing these days, I think we could use a little more fun and a lot more reasons to smile, so the theme for this round of the composite challenge is “Make Me Smile”. You can choose whatever photos, layers, textures and processing you’d like but make it fun and make us smile.

If you need a little instruction to help get you started check out this link:

For added inspiration, check out this link on 365:

So, what actually is a composite? Wikipedia describes compositing as “the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all of those elements are part of the same scene.” Making a composite image can be fun and all that processing, layering and erasing really gets the creative juices flowing. If you’ve never worked with photo processing before there are plenty of tutorials for the most popular editing programs on YouTube or just experiment with one until you are satisfied with the outcome!

For this challenge you must use at least one of your own pictures but you can supplement it with other pictures of your own or from the internet, textures, layers, stickers and free stock images if you so choose.

***Please keep in mind that if you use an image that is not yours, stock or from a friend, it must be licensed as copyright free or used with permission, and if it’s something you found on the internet, you should credit the photo in your narrative ***

You can enter as many times as you like but only one photo per photographer may be chosen as a finalist.

This challenge will start June 4, 2022 and run until July 5, 2022.
Tag: composite47

To see entries from the last round check out

I’ll be looking forward to having fun and grinning from ear to ear when it’s time to choose the finalists. Until then, have fun everyone!!

Ann LeFevre
June 17th, 2022

So sorry for not tagging you on this sooner for you weekly shoot list!
June 19th, 2022
Not to worry, Ann
I go through the themes and challenges thread and catch all new challenges.
It has been added!
July 12th, 2022
@farmreporter @olivetreeann

Do we tag 46 or 47?? A latest composite entry has been tagged 46, I've tagged mine 47!!
July 12th, 2022
Ann extended 46 to July 11th so it is still 46.
You should be okay!
July 12th, 2022
@farmreporter I think it's #47!! Ann won 46, and has put in the link to 46, the previous challenge, which has caused confusion.
July 12th, 2022
You are right!
Composite 46 was 'A Hidden Surprise'.
I guess Ann forgot to change the number on the link that brings us to the entries and that is what I used in my Weekly SH*T list.
Hopefully Ann will go by the date to short list the entries when she does this!
July 12th, 2022
@30pics4jackiesdiamond @farmreporter
This was copied from the previous invitation to participate- it says,

To see entries from the last round check out ...

and just before the final paragraph the tag is listed as:

I hope people see that.

Should I extend it for another week and make the tag clear?
July 13th, 2022
Ooops ...
my mistake! I am so sorry!
July 13th, 2022
@olivetreeann I commented on those who had tagged 46 do hopefully they changed!!
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