New Artist Challenge - Thomas Vanoost

June 16th, 2024
Hallo everyone…

I was thrilled to win the last artist challenge…. Big thanks to @kali66 for hosting, and for introducing us to the fascinating world of Giacomo Brunelli…

I recently learned about photographer Thomas Vanoost…

Here is some info from the following website:

“To Thomas Vanoost , photography means writing, drawing or maybe painting with light. He loves to explore notions of chaos, time and instability. The central concept is a vision of the world as an ever-changing place and a very personal attempt to make sense from this chaos. Thomas expresses our relationship with time, as the different pictures composing his photographs are made at different moments in time, yet they are parts of the same final images.”

Essentially Vanoost creates his works through multiple exposure photography…. This is a technique that can be achieved in camera or in post processing…. For those who don’t like to get too involved with post processing most cameras seem to have some sort of a multiple-exposure function…. And if you are using a phone camera there are apps that allow for multiple exposure images that are free…. Also, you might find other creative ways to emulate the feel of his work…

I am hoping that this photographer resonates with others, and that you find his work sufficiently accessible…. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Challenge is open from today, June 16 through July 12th. Please use the tag AC-Vanoost.
June 16th, 2024
his images are wonderful - great choice - my mind is thinking about places and ways hahahaha
June 16th, 2024
@annied oh good! I had this set up to go several days ago but then got cold feet fearing others would find him rather inaccessible…. Then this morning i decided to heck with it… Dali wasn’t going to be much better 😆
June 16th, 2024
Such fascinating images and exceptionally dynamic light. A very cool choice.
June 16th, 2024
should be fun!
June 16th, 2024
I've just been looking up the vanoost effect!! Gotta give it a go now!!!!
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