Seaweed harvest time by etienne

Seaweed harvest time

Autumn is the time when dead seaweeds start to get stranded on the beach, just as dead leaves on the road. Pretty soon farmers will collect them and spread them on the fields. If you look at the path going downwards in the bottom right corner of the picture, you can get an idea of the level up to where the high tides come, as the path is still covered with seaweeds. We have a 13 meters difference between the lowest and the highest spring tides here.
Incredible shot of this beautiful scene, interesting info too.
November 1st, 2019  
So Incredibly beautiful
November 1st, 2019  
Such a beautiful scene, this shot makes me wish I could take a long walk there ...
November 2nd, 2019  
They are very good for asparagus as I have been told.
November 2nd, 2019  
Very interesting beach scene.
November 3rd, 2019  
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