Breaking the rules by eudora

Breaking the rules

Christmas tree recycling site. The trees are used to restore wetlands and the guidelines are very clear: only natural trees, no flocked trees, no ornaments or lights. There are a lot of flocked trees and some still had strings of lights on them. Sigh.
Too many people think they are above the rules! What a terrific project if only people would comply! Great shot of the various trees
December 29th, 2023  
Why can't people just do the right thing?!
December 30th, 2023  
I imagine most people don't even read the rules. They just assume all trees are good for recycling. But you do have to be a bit "brain-dead" to think lights and ornaments can just be left on the tree like that!
December 30th, 2023  
A free with all previous comments
December 30th, 2023  
They say rules are made to be broken. Sad to see people going against the rules for their own selfishness.
December 30th, 2023  
Ann is correct. Folks see “Christmas tree recycling”; put another way, they see and read what they want to see and read. 😔
December 30th, 2023  
Good idea but … Great shot.
(I’m afraid I had to Google “flocked”!)
December 30th, 2023  
To bad people are so disobedient
December 30th, 2023  
I wonder what's in the flocking that makes it bad for the environment.
December 31st, 2023  
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