Photobombed in Macro by evalieutionspics

Photobombed in Macro

I took this photo of water drops as a series of photos so I could focus stack them so I could get all of the drops in focus. I had my head stuck in a yucca plant which kept poking me rudely but decided it was going to be worth it.
When I got the images opened in Lightroom, I was a little weirded out to find that the water droplets show a rat moving on the strelitzia plant to the right of where I was taking the photos! What are the chances of that? Other than the rat, I like the image.
I like it too, but can't see the rat. I'd have been a little freaked!
August 18th, 2017  
You did a nice job! I don't see the rat either, but I would have totally freaked out!!
August 18th, 2017  
I really like this shot with all the droplets.....I never seem to have the time or patience to stack photos.
August 18th, 2017  
Nice droplets
August 18th, 2017  
Is the rat is a figment of your imagination - as in the dark curved shape in the droplets, or was it for real? You went to great lengths with this, what ever, and the results are really lovely. The line of focussed droplets are captivating.
August 18th, 2017  
Very neat! A line of little bubbles with reflections!
August 18th, 2017  

Thank you all! I would never have noticed it if I hadn't zoomed in to make sure that all of my layers were lined up properly. It is hard to see otherwise, but it is a small dark shape on the green leaf in the middle of the brightest water droplets.

@maggiemae Thank you very much!

@amfrumbiddivurd Thank you!
August 18th, 2017  
Fantastic close up- love the droplets!
August 19th, 2017  
Very neat!
August 20th, 2017  
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