Storing Up the View by evalieutionspics

Storing Up the View

Wilbur doesn't know that he has to store up view memories yet, but that is what It looks like he is doing as he gazes out at the sea in this image.

I find this time very difficult as I have so much to do to get everything ready to leave, and yet I find myself drawn to photograph all of the things I won't see anymore. There are not near enough hours or days.

Perhaps I will just gaze at the sea so that it will become fixed in my mind so I don't have to rely on a photograph.
Oh your poor thing, will you leave much behind! Lovely shot of wilbur
April 2nd, 2019  
I love the way you composed this - and sympathize with you about leaving this behind. Store up those memories.
April 3rd, 2019  
A very poignant PoV. Wilbur looks deep in thought. I hope you can gather enough memories. I suggest that you take short videos each day, don't edit but take them, who knows what you might capture.
April 4th, 2019  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond The company paid for the move here and away so we are taking what we brought in for the most part. My workshop is by far the most difficult to itemize and sort as it is full of lots of fiddly bits that no one but me can identify and label. The rest of the house has been sorted and inventoried for months!
April 5th, 2019  
@milaniet Thank you! I have been taking photos. I figure there will be long winter days where I will want to spend time living vicariously in Cyprus.
April 5th, 2019  
@joysabin Thank you! Wilbur has always been an old soul. While his sister was running around in circles in the field, he would fetch a leaf as a gift for me. He has the sweet, protective nature we all want in our pups.

I have been taking photos but hadn't considered videos, what a clever idea! Thank you!
April 5th, 2019  
I missed your post here, and so I see you are now gone from Cyprus? I wonder where to and I hope you still take your camera out with you to capture your surroundings so beautifully with that talent of yours. Sending well wishes.
June 16th, 2019  
@helenhall Thank you so much for your comment. We are in West Virginia. We are working diligently on our 200-year-old house that has basically been used as a bachelor get away for 30 years. I spent 2 weeks of 12 hour days cleaning. I may have grumbled a few unkind words about their habits.

Our shipment of household goods arrived Monday, so now we are busy trying to find places for things for which there is no room.

I have become used to working 16 hours a day again and fall asleep in my dinner more days than I don't.
I was very excited to take a photo of a new bird yesterday. I got my camera and took several photos and the bird stayed still. I was amazed, especially since the dogs were outside. When I looked at the image on the back of the camera I found I had cleverly taken a photo of bunch of leaves! It has made me giggle for two days! Hopefully, I can get my PC set up soon and get back to posting.
June 21st, 2019  
Happy New Year!
How is life treating you in West Virginia? Are you yet settled in? I know it takes forever to get totally moved in.
Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing more of your fantastic shots.
January 12th, 2020  
@farmreporter Happy New year to you also! Thank you very much for your lovely check-in. I am doing well. I have just had knee surgery, which should have me out and roaming the hills and vales taking photos before much longer. I am looking forward to that very much!
January 12th, 2020  
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