breakfast of champions by graemestevens

breakfast of champions

hangover? what hangover?
Ha ha ... nice colourful shot!
September 19th, 2023  
Magical floating box of Brufen
September 19th, 2023  
Haha! Good morning!
September 19th, 2023  
Do find that as we get older, our drinking capacity remains the same, but our recovery period is growing ever longer. 😖
September 19th, 2023  
Ohhh dear that makes for a loooong day at work!
September 19th, 2023  
September 19th, 2023  
Great advertising photo
September 19th, 2023  
must have a headache for some reason :)
September 19th, 2023  
A clever picture to build on yesterday’s. A master piece as always.
September 19th, 2023  
Nice, after drinking yesterday I was just a liitle slow this morning!
September 19th, 2023  
September 19th, 2023  
"6 hamburgers, scotch all night and nicotine for breakfast just to put you right" ? Lyrics courtesy of Dire Straits, Heavy Fuel.
September 20th, 2023  
How did you have the energy to lift your thumb
September 20th, 2023  
@jgpittenger I got someone else to do it and then just concentrated on keeping it there…
@gardencat 6 hamburgers? I’m only little…
@koalagardens I didn’t hurt a bit…I was too numb by then…
@photographycrazy You and me both ;)
@corinnec Thank you kindly :)
@pdulis I can’t think why…
@haskar Thanks very much :)
@swchappell That’s one way of putting it…
@christinav I may knock off early…
@swillinbillyflynn So much longer!!! Doesn’t stop me doing it though…
@tinley23 That’s a matter of opinion ;)
@kjarn My powers are increasing…
@jamibann Thanks very much :)
September 20th, 2023  
thumbs up
September 21st, 2023  
@lynnz well…one thumb
September 22nd, 2023  
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