7: Fascination Street by graemestevens

7: Fascination Street

it’s opening time
down on Fascination Street
so let’s cut the conversation
and get out for a bit

I had to have a dash of colour in this one, the detail in the eye really didn’t work in bnw - I’ll also be away for a couple of nights so lets continue this journey on Sunday!

and here’s the link:

So well done and clever!
November 2nd, 2023  
So eye catching 👌👏
November 2nd, 2023  
Super reflection and great addition of the colour.
November 2nd, 2023  
November 2nd, 2023  
An easy Fav!
November 3rd, 2023  
The colour makes it and the reflection in the eye even better!
November 3rd, 2023  
oh now that is very nicely done!
November 3rd, 2023  
Incredible reflections in the eye. I love the eye in colour. It really attracted my attention.
November 3rd, 2023  
Great framing and lovely colour.
November 3rd, 2023  
This is so clever
November 3rd, 2023  
A very clever reflection in the eye, and the subtle touch of colour is beautiful.
November 3rd, 2023  
This is fantastic!
November 3rd, 2023  
Great closeup.
November 3rd, 2023  
The color really intensifies the effect of one's soul being laid bare. Thanks for that.
November 3rd, 2023  
Fantastic closeup, and awesome color
November 3rd, 2023  
Excellent and creative!
November 4th, 2023  
If you don’t have Photoshop what do you use to create these marvelous images.
November 5th, 2023  
@cdcook48 I use Affinity Photo for Apple, but generally if you see fire, or smoke or anything like that in my images there’s actually fire….the set up is half the fun!
@photographycrazy Thanks very much :)
@swchappell Thank you kindly :)
@juliedduncan I can see everything you’ve done ;)
@johnfalconer Thank you kindly :)
@kjarn Thanks very much :)
@jamibann Thank you so much :)
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Thanks very much :)
@haskar Thank you very much :)
@dkbarnett Thanks very much :)
@koalagardens thanks very much :)
@christinav Thanks very much :)
@kwind Thank you very much :)
@pdulis Thanks very much :)
@gardencat Thank you thank you!
@joemuli I see what you did there ;)
@corinnec Thank you very much :)
November 5th, 2023  
I'm fascinated by your eye color.
November 5th, 2023  
@joysfocus They’re actually a fairly mundane hazel in real life
November 6th, 2023  
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