Pathetic Fireworks by homeschoolmom

Pathetic Fireworks

My neighbors put off a lot of fireworks this 4th of July. I missed most of them. I was busy quilting. I did manage to capture this one. At least we now know that our dog isn't afraid of fireworks. He watched some out the front window, then laid down and went to sleep. I guess being born near an Army post makes you immune to noises like that! LOL! We live 30 miles away, and sometimes we can hear and feel the artillery. We usually go to Ft. Bragg for the fireworks, but since my whole family is away, I just decided to stay home.
Brave doggie!!
July 6th, 2017  
ool shot
July 6th, 2017  
Good for Seamus!! Good for you too. this is a really nice shot Lisa. you got some great detail in it
July 6th, 2017  
Cool capture
July 7th, 2017  
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