Scout-made hammock

My son is camping out this weekend, doing his ordeal with the Order of the Arrow (service organization within Boy Scouts). He doesn't want to sleep on the ground and won't be allowed to use his hammock, so he made a hammock out of a tarp and some parachute cord. Boy Scout Ingenuity!
Good thinking. Nice pic.
posted May 20th, 2017  
Now that looks like a comfy spot
posted May 20th, 2017  
Isn't that what it was all about in the first place?! Good for him and a terrific image proving that ingenuity
posted May 20th, 2017  
Congratulation on his call out for O&A.
posted May 20th, 2017  
Congratulations to your son. I don't think that "thinking outside the box" is something that can be taught.
posted May 21st, 2017  
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